A little bit about me

My name is Michelle Newblom and I’m enrolled in the Public Administration graduate program at Seattle University where I’m also captain of the track and field team. How does an interest in public administration fit in with contemporary fiction?

I actually received my BFA degree from Seattle University in creative writing—thus the love for fiction. What I’ve come to discover though, is that fiction is more applicable to the real world than I’d previously thought.

I’ve been an avid reader and writer since the first grade when my parents gifted me a beat-up desktop computer to type up my fictional stories. I spent all my free time sitting at my red, chipped desk completely lost in my made-up worlds. When I was younger, those worlds typically involved some fantastical elements—animals could talk (what six year old doesn’t daydream about that?), magic was real, and the rules of reality just didn’t apply.

I wrote my first book in the fourth grade, titled “Shadow Boy” that involved a made-up fantastical world involving an army of shadows and a wolf that turned into a human, it was about 80-90 pages. My parents had it made into a physical book for Christmas and the feeling of holding a piece of fiction I made in my own hands has encouraged me to keep writing.

Now, I’m much more invested in fiction as it related to the real, tangible world (sadly, that meant losing the talking cats and dogs).

A little bit about my blog

Whether you consider yourself a book-lover like me or you haven’t touched a piece of literature since high school (and maybe even then, just SparkNotes), everyone loves stories. Storytelling has always been a part of our society—think legends and myths passed down orally. Stories are how we compartmentalize things that happen to us, how we communicate with others, how we learn and get our points across. This is why I’m so fascinated with contemporary or realistic fiction and the hidden power it holds.

Have you ever tried to argue with someone who refused to see your side? Conversely, have you been so stuck in your ways you couldn’t even entertain the opposition? Fiction is a way to tell a story and make that point without anyone potentially even consciously realizing it. You probably remember symbolism and allegories and metaphors and their ability to represent something without fully embodying it. I’m interested in all this and just storytelling at its purest form.