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Michelle’s commentary on books, digital publishing and intersections between fiction & reality


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Books have always been my go-to form of escapism. I’m fascinated by the power of the written word, the weight language holds and how influential writing can be. I’ve worked with most forms of writing in some fashion or another—research journals, student-run newspapers, magazines, self-publishing, poetry and blogs.

Stories are the ticket to making things more accessible. It’s what inspires me to work in the book publishing industry and perhaps become an author myself one day.

(I mean, I did technically write an 80-page book in the fourth grade, but I think I’m long overdue for another).

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I’m rarely happy in one place for a set period of time. I’ve combatted this by becoming an expat with my cat, Jasper, who loves wandering around and seeing new things almost as much as me. When I can’t get that escape physically, I turn to books.

But books hold much more weight than that, and there’s some untapped power in the realm of fiction as an agent for change that I want to explore.